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It’s June. Winter here. Rain and wind. It means the underground Melbourne scene has come to life. We want to share with you some favourite sounds we’ve encountered from the great indoors.
Note: All of these are Australian bands. Luckily, you won’t pick up much Crocodile Dundee accent. 


Some additional updates you may/may not find interesting:

I am enjoying my job as marketing manager most days. You can see what I do and the site I helped rebuild here: It’s a small business (20 fine folks), so change happens frequently and fast – very different from the corporate environment I once knew. It’s fun to call the shots though and set the strategy and the creative.

Kristin’s job is fine. Just fine. I won’t bore you with the details of her job. She’s more consumed with party and shower planning for our summer tour and enjoying the ‘best markets in the world’.


Our dearest friends Mike & Hilary swung by for a long weekend on their way home from New Zealand. We did it up how we always do it: well.
New Image


unnamed (1)



Our U.S. summer tour “The Sisters’ Weddings” is happening mid-July to beginning of August. Expecting a whirlwind of embraces, familiar faces and dancing off our aces.


We bought one-way tickets home in December, with a long layover (5 days) in Hawaii. We’re expecting two years worth of presents for Christmas.


See you soon perhaps.



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