I’d like to share a new tune that I recorded this past year in New Zealand. It features Kristin’s lovely voice as well as some sounds of the New Zealand night. Given the brutal northern winter this past year and in light of Easter, I hope you find this to be a reminder that new life is just around the bend.

It’s called ‘dry bones’ and you can listen to it below or find the song & lyrics on my website: howdarkthehorse.com

Happy Easter.


One thought on “Spring

  1. You amazing and talented souls. Thank you for this. The crackling noises in the background were so incredible for a MN girl and her family desperately searching for spring. I’m playing this on repeat until you come home so you better send me more or hurry back. Thanks. Oh and your voices? Whatever. How have I not heard you really sing live, and how can we sneak you into doing it without you feeling used. Lemme know.

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