South by September

So we’re doing it. We’re really wwoofers.

Wwoofing stands for “Willing Workers On Organic Farms” and was a concept totally foreign to us as Americans. It’s an exchange program – the “host” provides food and lodging in exchange for a half day’s work from the “wwoofer(s).” In our opinion, we get a great deal, since our days are free after 12 pm and the majority of our expenses are covered.

We have 1 year visas and plan to take Ms. January White on the road as we travel from host site to host site, seeing the best that NZ has to offer. Our tentative route is below, but is subject to inclement weather, live outdoor concerts or just the way the wind blows. We plan to stay in the North at least through the coldest part of winter and will head South … by September.




Follow our trail on the ‘Our Atlas‘ link above if you wish. But come along for the ride, won’t you?


With some new zeal,


> Our first bottle of NZ wine – a port from our first wine tasting, shared over a great Skype conversation with our friends in Turkey.
> Feijoas: a fruit local to NZ in the guava family. One of Cole’s new faves.

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