Clear Eyes. Full Hearts.

Although many lessons will surely emerge in the coming year, we are confident of one that will be foremost in our minds…and just might be the thing we needed to leave home to appreciate more fully: we have an unbelievable community of friends and family, which made leaving so dang difficult!

After saying goodbye to friends and family, we are humbled and thankful at the outpouring of generosity that was shown to us as we left.

From dinners cooked and meals purchased, to the tokens, cards and mementos to take with us and the words spoken to encourage us, we were overwhelmed to take it all in.


>> The numerous invites for lunch or dinner to say goodbye to some of our favorite people, including happy hours, Benihana, homecooked burgers, a comeback Wild game and Italian dinner in our backyard in SLP.

>> A trip to Florida for each of us with close friends, one last rendezvous in Duluth and another historic wedding dance.                                       

image (9)  photo (1)

>> Brunch at a perfect city spot with the Bethel crew and an amazing gift of letters for the journey

 4           5                    3

>> One last American meal and a round table sharing with the Monday night gang. Homemade potato chips included.

insta3 insta2 2 1

>> A game of laser tag and Pitch with the Pitts’ to send us off right

>> A Johnson round of bowling and Ticket to Ride to end our last night in the US

…all accompanied by lots of tearful hugs and goodbyes.

Needless to say, we got on the plane April 2 with mixed emotions – ambitious for the journey ahead and heartbroken to leave people that we love so dearly and with whom we’ve shared so much life.

All we can say is thanks. We love and miss you already.
Thanks for being “in this” with us.

Midwest always in our hearts.

Cole and Kristin

> The city crosswalks.
> NZ hours of operation. Often seen printed as “Open 11 am til late.” One restaurant we went to, when we asked how late they were open, answered, “Uh..whenever…”

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