We Made It


After two full days of travel, lots of turbulence (in our hearts and in flight), eating Twizzlers and trail mix for dinners, and a layover in Fiji (just for the water obviously), we landed safely. We’ll be spending our next few days here setting up a cell phone, bank account, constantly searching for free WiFi, buying a car and staying in hostels.

Feels like college all over again.

Cole and Kristin

4 thoughts on “We Made It

  1. So proud of you two. Have a fabulous adventure! Australia and NZ are on my bucket list. Hope I get there someday. Meanwhile, I will be watching you guys! Love you, Kristin.

  2. We are so excited for your adventure together and are proud to call you our friends! Can’t wait to follow you both on your journey. We’re lovin’ the blog already…and can sympathize with the “shit we own” post.

    Love to you both – b&d

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