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This post follows no real theme. Just ramblings from a blonde boy.

Our hosts, Elspeth (and her partner Nigel) took us on a wild goose chase for roadside feijoas and macadamias. They grow along some of the roads and anyone can go pick them (if they don’t get caught).

The bounty

A good friend has been telling us to prepare for the ‘pit of despair’ – that point along a new adventure when people get homesick (see exhibit A). We haven’t reached the pit yet (and maybe we won’t), but there is one thing that is a bit depressing/exhausting about our travels. Each 1-2 weeks we get familiar with our hosts and the work and the environment we’re in, and just as it’s starting to feel like home or comfortable, we leave to our next place and start all over again with strangers.

Exhibit A


I’m surprised how often my old marketing/computer/technology skills have been put to use. It’s become part of my daily duties at a lot of places in exchange for our food and accommodation. I’ve helped a majority of our hosts with setting up Facebook and Google pages for their business, optimized a website for search, resolved computer issues, and set up TVs and surround sound systems. They think I’m some kind of magician here.

We had some time off recently and had seen all the sights in the area already and decided a movie sounded real nice. So we planned to go see Tony Stark schmooz and smart-ass his way out of the worst situations, again, in Iron Man 3. Before we went, we did the appropriate thing. Watch Iron Man 1 and 2. It was a fun movie marathon couple of days.

The news here isn’t as bad as back home, less gut-wrenching, awful, fear-inspiring stories, but they still do their fair share of it. My latest great idea is that someone should start a Good News channel. (Not like a Christian good news channel, although I know you’d love that Mom) Only positive, happy stories on this channel. I think people would watch that.

Forks Over Knives. A great documentary about the food we eat and the long-term consequences and links to cancer of certain foods, such as dairy and meat. It might mess your eating habits up. Worth the watch.
Watch it here:

Recently, we spent an afternoon at Cathedral Cove and Hot Water Beach, some of the most popular sights in all of New Zealand. We took it all in.


Cathedral Cove Bay


Things you do in New Zealand at Cathedral Cove


photo (2)

The other hole diggers at Hot Water Beach


Self-dug hot pool with some ice cold memories

Kristin and I attempted our second haircut on me. Our host had a hair trimmer that we used. It turned out, well, not that great. I’d compare it to Macklemore. I like the guy, but not his hair. If you don’t know who that is Grandma, watch this videotape he made called Thrift Shop. Or actually never mind.

macklemore vs me

A president’s term ago, a first born Pitts married a first born Johnson on the 17th of May. They are making family history in New Zealand. To our friends and family who are a part of this journey with us, cheers.

@ Mt. Brewing Co.

@ Mount Brewing Co.

The thunder down under,


2 thoughts on “Thought for Food

  1. Amazing pictures, and we miss you! Lots of photos with shovels…makes us think about our backyard project and the help you gave us. Maybe that was a foreshadow of your New Zealand adventure 😉 Keep it up, you’re doing great!

  2. Just showed these pics to Luke. He said he was at Cathedral Cove & also made a hot tub at the beach! Hope u two are having fun!

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