The Next Chapter

holding hands

We’re at the Christchurch airport en route to Melbourne, Australia (“Melbin” as the locals pronounce it). It’s a bittersweet and tearful goodbye to leave our closest friends here after some amazing months together. We are hopeful for this new season but so sad to go.

We know we have a lot of catching up and reflecting to do on these past few months and what the year ahead holds.

This weekend’s agenda includes: job interviews, navigating our way through Melbourne’s public transit system, apartment inspections and hopefully securing a lease, interview clothing shopping and trying to not drop dead in the rumored Melbourne heat. For all of you at home in MN, we are sympathetic to the Polar Vortex…but battling 98 degrees this weekend according to the forecast. It’s a drastic change from our “summer” in NZ and we’re hoping we can easily adjust.

More soon!

Kristin and Cole

Cole and Kristin

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