Post It Dreaming. We’re at it Again.

Once upon a time, we cleared our teal wall and made room for some new dreams. That post from 2 years ago here!

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Something about the visual, tangible nature of this exercise works for us. We like structure but we seem to like flexibility too. Permission maybe to move things to where they fit. Or rearrange when they don’t.

We’ve covered lots of ground since then…a few new stamps in our passports and many kilometers under our feet. We’re slightly worn out from the good, necessary work of this journey. But we’re back at it.

Even bigger, burning questions facing us this time. Questions of importance, significance. Weighty questions worth sitting with:

Health Insurance?

The walls this time are in a temporary space we call home in Melbourne. They are beige and boring but they’re ours for a few months longer.
And a new life-season seems to be on the horizon as we consider the transition to life back in the U.S.

So with a good soundtrack and some space to start the year, we cluttered our walls with new to-dos.
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The post-its serve as a visual representation of the things we’re moving toward & tasks we’re checking off our lists. A picture of the life we want to create for ourselves and some tangible steps forward. A reminder to not let life just happen to us, but to live it on purpose.

… To 2015 and beyond…
C & K
Cole and Kristin

2 thoughts on “Post It Dreaming. We’re at it Again.

  1. LOve it – as I Love you both—- You two are both such creative wonderful People..
    What a Great Idea …
    God Bless you…

  2. I love your post-it dreaming! And very good questions, indeed. Can’t wait to hear where things lead you. XO.

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