No Thanks. No Giving.

They don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in New Zealand. For obvious reasons. Like the fact that it’s an American holiday. Or that we have yet to eat turkey here since arriving…except at Subway (it’s cheap, alright!)

We’ve been reflecting on all of the things we’re thankful for … and can’t seem to shake the feeling that we are really lucky and grateful for this time of travel.


Check out this video on gratitude…it’s definitely worth the watch during this season of giving thanks.

Grateful to be away, travelling, together.

Grateful to be exploring what we really want next in life.

Grateful for time to try new things and learn.

Grateful for the gift of marriage and each other.

Grateful to have amazing friends and family, who make this season so bittersweet to be away from home.

We are full of thanks…and hope your week of celebrating is full too!
(And will someone please eat a gravy-cratered mashed potato mountain for Cole and a slice of pecan pie for Kristin?)

WE         3       YOU!

-Kristin and Cole
Cole and Kristin

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