5 Minute Showers


The view atop a hill from our current stay

We knew there would be adjustments to our way of living because of New Zealand. It’s been a good challenge and we’re beginning to rethink how we could live differently when we get back home. These are some rambling thoughts that are all somewhat related about resources.

People here are really in tune with the earth. They are the quintessential treehuggers, but it’s great. Our current hosts look to the moon for their guidance on planting and picking. Crazy interesting.


Mangawhai Heads, coastal cliff walk

It’s been really cool to experience the power of poo. Animals poop. It’s the most popular fertilizer to grow more food. Which we and the animals eat. And then poop out again. In summary, the earth was created to provide for us and in turn we must sustain the earth. Everything we need to survive comes from the earth. Someone has really planned this whole living thing out for us. So sweet.

Here are a few things we’ve experienced at our different stays regarding resources:
> Composting is not even a question. Every house does it, no matter how big or small their gardens.
> 1/3 of the places we’ve stayed have had dishwashers. But everyone has had a very specific way they wash their dishes.
> No one has dryer. All laundry is hung outside.
> Animal poo is loved by all, for obvious planting reasons.
> At one place, the hot water from the shower was collected in a bucket and used for the laundry. They did not have access to a fresh water source, so every drop of water in the home came from a rainwater tank.
> Lots of solar heated water pumps, which means limited use of hot water.
> There are no kleenex, paper towels, or napkins in sight. Which means my face always has food on it.
> People rarely own a microwave. They apparently suck all of the nutrients out of food and they’re bad for humans to be around. So I guess I’ll just broil my pepperoni pizza rolls in the oven from now on.

We watched a great documentary about eco architecture – Garbage Warrior. This guy uses tires, cans and bottles to build self-sufficient housing. A great concept, especially for places with limited resources.

I’ve also learned to appreciate bees. I still am afraid of them, but not to the level I used to bee. If it’s not obvious, I’m still re-learning some things, such as how bees are super helpful in growing fruit. Without them there to pollinate, I wouldn’t bee enjoying this delicious mandarin from the tree in the back garden.

A long, hot shower still sounds really nice.



> This happened recently. Exactly like getting stuck in the snow.
IMG_1163  tow2  tow4

> This awesome moment with a praying mantis at a sweet outdoor cafe that played reggae around the clock.

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