So We Go

This post will not be very lengthy as the pictures can tell the story of packing. And besides, everyone understands the stress of packing and moving. It’s a slow, agonizing realization of how much shit you own that you don’t want to own.

APARTMENT 205 – Our first home since our beginning as a married couple. Home to visiting friends and relatives, many great memories, and mold and cockroaches.

IMG_1731    IMG_1734

Photo on 2011-09-27 at 17.59    DSC03781 

THE PACK ROOM – An intentional space for us to get overwhelmed about packing.

image (1)

A LONELIER 205 – We made our move out time but forgot all of our leftover food in the freezer. There was some good meat in there!

empty room

APARTMENT INNARDS – Kristin’s parents graciously offered their basement for storage. I suggested that they sell it all and keep 20% of the profit. Who wants to come home to this?

pack rom

OUR MOBILE HOMES – 50 lbs., 2 countries, 2 yrs.

photo (2)

No looking back now.


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