Slumber Party Tryouts

A year ago, we never could have envisioned the amount of time we would later spend scouring the Internet for the perfect sleeping bags. We had no idea the challenge could be so tough, given our skimpy budget and amateur knowledge of the outdoor bedding world. This search would prove to take the longest of all of our travel to-do’s.

bag1In and out we squirmed, trying out the cocoons – perhaps knowing they may be the only constant we have in the next few years.

Over the past 6 months, we ordered, tested, and returned many bags … and now our quest has finally ended.

Meet Big Agnus Pearl (Pearl) and North Face Dolomite (Mr. D), our sleeping companions for the next two years. It somehow seems fitting to call them by name, as if to make them more familiar to us. bag2Sleeping Bags

We liked on Pearl and Mr. D upon their arrival. So we only had one thing left to do – the cold weather sleep test.

With temps in the red, we opened all the windows in our apartment and let it drop to a cool 50 degrees. Our winter hats on, and after few episodes of New Girl, we called it a night. The wind whipped in but not a peep did we make as our newfound bedroom partners kept us cozy all night long. We awoke rested and warm, so that sealed the deal for us.

And now they’re ours. Or we’re theirs?

Here’s to many more toasty full nights of sleep and dreams of the future, wherever you may lay your head.

Cole and Kristin

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